How to Brainstorm Newsletter Topics

Sending out newsletters regularly can do wonders for your company. It helps your subscribers remember your business, and whenever they share your newsletter, it can bring in new customers. However, you need to issue newsletters regularly and produce interesting content to share for all that to happen. Have you run out of fresh ideas? We’ve got you covered. Here are some newsletter content ideas your subscribers will love. 

Educate your subscribers about your industry. 

You can write a beginner’s guide to your industry. Collect interesting titbits, and discuss recent research or articles. Debunk common industry-related myths, or write a dos and don’ts list. 

Behind the scenes of your own company.

How does your company work? How did you start? Is there anything you can share about your processes? Do you have any news or updates related to your business? 

What are your biggest successes and worst failures? 

What have you learned from them, and how have they affected your work? After all, every success and every mess-up can be turned into valuable experiences. 

Breakdown of your own products or services. 

You can explain the pricing of your products, how they’ve been designed and what makes them the best. 


You can create checklists that can be useful to the readers. 


Interviews with industry experts or your customers. 

Case studies. 

You can discuss a project you’ve done or talk to one of your customers about their experience of working with you. 

And finally, reach out to your readers. 

Ask your readers what they’d like to know about you, your business, and the industry. You can post a question on your company’s social media or in one of your newsletters. This way, you’ll be sharing exactly what your subscribers wish to know. 

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