Fun ways to add people to your mailing list

Newsletters, promos, and special offers can be a great way of bringing in new customers and more business. And yet sending out quality content means little if your mailing list is tiny and is not growing.

Sure, a signup button on your website is a great start. So, put that button somewhere visible. Better yet, throw in a promo code. By giving your customers value from the start, you’ve got a better chance of attracting them.

So, now that you’ve covered the basics, how do you get more people to sign up?

One idea we recommend is to offer subscriptions when someone submits an order, after all, the person is already your customer and appreciates your business.

While you’re at it, it’s good to add a “share with your friend” option to your mailing materials. If your subscribers see value in your content, they’ll likely share it with their friends. What’s more, your subscribers are likely to share your content with like-minded people, who are more likely to subscribe.

It’s also a good idea to use your social media to gather new subscribers. Instead of promoting your product, try getting people to join your mailing list. Use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn; promote your newsletter, mention special offers available to subscribers only.

Every speaking event is a great opportunity to get new subscribers. Events, webinars, even podcasts offer you a great opportunity. Don’t promote your business too overtly. Instead, try showing your expertise and highlight what makes your business special. Then, ask audiences to sign up to your mailing list.

However, remember that getting people’s emails without their consent is an absolute no-no. Make sure everyone knows you’ll be using their contact information for mailing purposes. Offer them an option to give you their email address consensually. This way, you won’t annoy potential returning clients or scare them off.

No one likes getting unwanted mail. People are unlikely to open it. In fact, they’re much more likely to report spam, which can harm you in the long turn. The more people report your communications, the more likely they’ll end up in the spam folder for everyone.

The newsletter is an important growth tool. Doing it right isn’t hard but it’s vital to almost any business so keep these tips in mind as you grow your list.

If you need help writing your newsletter we can help. Contact us.

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