How to generate blog ideas

Like anything else, coming up with blog post topics is a skill you can hone. The more you work on it, the easier it becomes.

Sometimes, great ideas come unbidden. You’ll be doing the dishes, or taking a shower, or hanging out with friends, and an amazing topic dawns on you. Always remember to jot it down as soon as it comes—these strokes of genius have a tendency to linger in our minds only until we actually decide to work on them. Then, poof! Gone.

However, a writer cannot rely just on luck and random ideas. When your livelihood, or your business, depends on writing, you need strategies to keep delivering new content, whether or not you’re feeling particularly inspired.

So, where to get cool topics for your blog?

Browse trending topics. What is everyone talking about? Stay on top of the news, current trends, and everything your industry is buzzing with.

Do a case study. Has your business done anything cool recently? Have you learned something new you could share with others? Perhaps you can show off your latest achievements.

Do a collab. Is there anyone in the industry you particularly admire? Anyone you particularly enjoy discussing your ideas with or who has inspired you? Consider reaching out to them to write a collaborative piece or to interview them. Mutual exposure can do wonders.

Show behind the scenes of your own business. People love learning about how companies are run. Share your thought processes, a studio/office/shop tour, your five-year plan. Let people have a glimpse behind the curtain.

Discuss your mistakes. It’s only human to mess up. Unfortunately, most of us are too scared to admit failure. Tell us about a sale that went wrong, a project that failed, a dev effort that stalled. What would you have done differently starting out? Teach folks through example.

Read, read, read. It may seem we’re repeating ourselves, but reading is crucial. It keeps you informed, helps you develop your writing skills, and feeds you with new ideas.

Need some more ideas? We can send you a PDF copy of Bloggers Boot Camp, John’s book on blogging.

Have a great piece that needs a bit of polishing? We’d love to help! Email us.

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