The Best Time to Send Your Newsletter

The time of day you send out your content matters. No matter how amazing your newsletter or other promotional materials will be, they’re a wasted effort if they chill in someone’s inbox unopened.

What day and time you send emails will directly impact your open rates and click-through rates. Everyone’s inboxes are always overflowing with content. So, what’s the deciding factor when choosing what message to open?

Think of your own behavior. Do you go through all the promotional materials you get daily, or do you go through the top ones while forgetting others completely? An eye-catching email title and preview text can only do so much if they’re not easily seen. So, here’s how to reach the biggest number of your subscribers every time.

The best days to send out emails are Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Multiple studies report the highest email open rates are on Tuesdays, followed closely by Thursday.

Send emails in the morning.

According to Hubspot research, the best time to reach “the average 8-5 office employee” is mid-week, around 10am. Mailchimp reported similar findings, saying that the optimal send time is 10am in the recipient’s own time zone.

Do not flood your subscriber’s inbox.

If you send out multiple mailing materials over the week, refrain from sending them on consecutive days to not overwhelm your subscribers with multiple emails. You can also consider sending out an email on an “off” day; there’s less competition that way.

Emails sent on the weekend usually do worse.

In general, the workweek is preferable to weekends when it comes to sending out emails. Hobby and retail-related emails generally do better than others.

Some mailing apps, including our favorite Sendinblue, offer “send at the best time” option to maximize your campaign’s results. The app learns from your past campaigns and delivers each email at exactly the right time.

Reaching out to your subscribers can vastly help your business. Do so regularly at the right time and enjoy better open rates and higher website traffic.

If you need to grow the distribution list for your newsletter, here are a few fun ways to add people to your mailing list.

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