Finding Free Images for Your Posts

Even the best post can do better if you add images. They can be used simply to illustrate what you’re writing about or even induce emotions. At the very least, they make the text seem more dynamic and less monotonous, which will encourage your readers to spend more time on your website or newsletter.

However, you cannot just lift a picture out of Google Images. There’s an important thing to remember—licensing and copyrights. If you don’t have the funds for paid subscriptions to websites like Shutterstock and iStock by Getty Images, there’s plenty of free options. 

Here are some useful alternatives to the expensive image repositories: 

Unsplash. It offers more than two million high-resolution images from numerous contributors. Check it out if you’re looking for more cinematic, moody shots. 

Pexels. Similar to Unsplash, it’s another huge database of images and videos free for use. 

Pixabay. You can choose from over 2.4 million images. Besides photos, it also offers vectors, illustrations, videos as well as music, and sound effects. 

Freepik. It’s more than just a repository of stock photos. If you need to do some graphic design magic, the website offers a huge number of vectors, PSDs, and mockups. 

Gratisography. If you’re thinking outside the box and want a unique image, this may be a place for you. You’ll find quirky and eccentric stock images there. 

Reshot. It offers beautiful photos, as well as illustrations and icons. While smaller than other databases, with just 25,000 high-res photos, the images are vibrant and unique. 

Wunderstock. It is a growing community with 3+ million free-to-use images. 

You are free to do whatever you want with the graphics after you download them. While attributions are not required with these sources, remember that they’re much appreciated. 

Once you’ve got your post ready, remember to send it our way to make it the best it can be.

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