How to scan business cards to build your mailing list

Updating your mailing list shouldn’t be a chore, and it shouldn’t take up too much of your time.

Of course, you can do it manually, but, let’s face it. There are better, more productive ways to spend your time than just typing in contact information into your mailing list.

Alternatives? There’s an app for that. More than one, in fact. 

Google Lens. You might already have it on your phone. So, you can put it to good use. All you need to do is turn on your cell phone camera, click the Google Lens icon, scan the card, and click add to contacts, et voilà! 

Similarly, Microsoft Outlook has the same option as well as Evernote. However, you need to be using the premium version of the latter to have access to this option. 

Want a dedicated app for that? Hubspot offers a free app, available for both iOS and Android devices. The app extracts the contact information and turns it into CRM contacts in a matter of seconds. 

ScanBizCards. It allows you to quickly scan business cards and conference badges to add the information to your contacts later. It also offers email signature capture to keep your contact list up to date. All the data can be exported to a CRM of your choice at any time. Available on iOS and Android. 

So, let the technology do the boring stuff for you so you can focus on building your business instead of just your mailing list. 

Have any mailing materials you’d like us to have a look at? Send them our way and we’ll be happy to give them a slight makeover so they’re the best they can be.

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