When to use AI-generated content

AI-generated content

Writers rejoice! Your jobs are safe. As we all know, AI-generated text isn’t exactly the best. In fact, three in five people say they prefer text written by people to that created by machines. There are also some issues with the computer-generated text; for many, the most important one might be that Google flags AI-generated content as spam.

An experiment conducted by Financial Times proved AI just hadn’t reached the journalistic skills needed by a competent writer. Financial Times did a simple experiment: It gave a human journalist and her AI counterpart Emma the same piece to write. Emma’s writing style was good, but it lacked a crucial ability—it wasn’t able to “distinguish the newsworthy from the dull.”

What does it mean for AI-generated content? Is it a bad idea by default? Should the idea be binned and forgotten?

No. There’s a place for using AI-generated content. Considering the sheer amount of content a business might need, there are some mundane but necessary tasks AI can pick up for you.

AI is useful for managing databases and organizing data onsets. It can be used for generating reports, business intelligence dashboards, business data reports, posting updates, and sending personalized emails, just to name a few of the possibilities. AI can achieve it by using natural language generation (NLG), and it basically turns data into a narrative that is more palatable to a reader.

Also, let’s face it. Even notable media organizations like The New York Times, Associated Press, Reuters, Washington Post, and Yahoo! Sports have been employing AI for content creation purposes.

You can also use it for fact-checking as well as sourcing new hot topics for your website. If you’re ever in a slump, AI can scour the depths of the internet for you so that you don’t have to waste time looking for inspiration for your next piece.

However, you shouldn’t employ AI when writing more complex pieces. While AI content is useful, it cannot serve as a replacement for a competent content creator.

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