Getting attention on Twitter

Social media presence can do wonders for your company. So, how can you utilize your Twitter account to the maximum?

First thing’s first, decide what’s your content. By narrowing down the subjects from the get-go, you make your Twitter consistent and on-topic. While there’s a chance there’ll be a few hit-and-miss posts or topics, try to keep your posts brand-related. You might be tempted to post about everything, but keep that for your personal account. Your brand’s official account should be a source of inspiration for the industry and promote your business to your potential clients.

Tweet often. The lifespan of a tweet is only 15-20 minutes. That gives you a tiny window to reach people. However, on the bright side, that also means you can tweet very similar content at different times to reach different audiences.

Keep your tweets short. While the limit is 280 characters, try keeping your tweets short and concise when possible. Sure, sometimes tweet thread is a must, but try refraining from them too often. Also, consider using visual content—photos, infographics, videos, even memes.

Use hashtags. Don’t overdo them, though. You don’t want your tweet to be riddled with hashtags.

Engage with others—your customers, industry leaders, people who post comments. Stay active and open.

Retweet relevant content—industry news and posts by other industry leaders. Engage with your competitors even. Start curating content and sharing reputable sources to show your openness and lack of bias while keeping your audiences informed.

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