Getting attention on Kickstarter

You’ve got an amazing product idea and no cash. Now what?

Kickstarter has helped many successful products take off. No matter what your niche, there’s always a good chance of getting funding. Most funded Kickstarter campaigns range from Fidget Cube, card game Exploding Kittens, and the most successful Kickstarter campaign of all time—Pebble Time smartwatch, which received over $20 million in funding.

So, what makes a successful Kickstarter campaign? How do you get noticed and get the much-needed dough?

An innovative idea, great pictures, and a clear and concise description are all an absolute must. Visual storytelling, videos, and appealing photography all help towards reaching your goal. However, no matter how great your visual side is, it’s the product description that really sells your product.

Give all the essential information first, and don’t make your potential backer (and the press) hunt for information. If they don’t know what you’re selling and why they should be interested, then you’re doing something wrong. Keep the descriptions creative, share all the facts of what makes your product special.

Consider giving your backers discounted offers, exciting backer rewards, and thank your backers for support. Don’t forget about weekly project updates. Keep everyone posted about how the campaign is doing. Give genuine updates, let everyone know how the works progress, and offer sincere thanks to your backers. Don’t spam them, though. While it’s cool to get updates, you don’t want to wake up every day to a new email.

Once your campaign is live, send out press releases to the press. But keep in mind, there’s so much more you can do on the PR side as the press rarely picks up crowdfunding events. Keep your social media running. Contact influencers, bloggers, and Facebook groups. Don’t underestimate the less traditional media. YouTubers are as likely to bring you backers as are journalists.

Good luck!

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