How to write a press release

Every company has to issue a press release sooner or later. This document is a piece of writing that informs the outside world about your company, and if written well, it may boost your business. Here are five tips for writing an attention-grabbing press release and a press release cheat sheet.

Tip 1. Press releases are for news only.

It would be too easy just to sit down and report on every tiny thing that happens in your company, but there’s a chance the press will become desensitized to your press releases. If you push out press releases every few days, the chances are journalists will think, ‘Oh, no, them again.’ whenever they see a new email from you.

A press release is necessary when the news you’re sharing is globally interesting and important. Think about it: if it’s only interesting to you and your employees, why bother? While there are some niche environments where a press release could be interesting to you and a few journalists, broader news releases should be widely interesting. Need a gut check? Ask a friendly journalist what they think of the news.

What happens if you send too many press releases? There’s a good chance that when something truly ground-breaking happens, they’ll just miss it. If it’s not really press release material, you can still share the news on Twitter or write a blog post.

Tip 2. Use a catchy headline.

The headline is the first thing that journalists read, so make sure you make a good first impression. Keep it informative and memorable. Focus on the heart of the news. “SparkCore Launches New App to Help Kids Learn” vs. “SparkCore Updates SparkMaster 3.5 to Add Improved Lesson Search Capabilities.”

Tip 3. Write succinctly.

Keep your press release short, get straight to the point, and don’t beat around the bush. Make sure to put only relevant information in the press release. If possible, make it a one-pager.

Tip 4. Add quotes.

It’s always best when the news comes straight from the horse’s mouth. It makes it fresher and more believable. Quotable material is often also what the journalists are looking for in press releases. Add a quote from your CEO, not your marketing manager.

Tip 5. Check your grammar.

There’s nothing worse than poorly written communication. Make sure to keep your press release clear and typo-free. (We can help!)

Ready to get started on your press release? Here’s your cheat sheet of all the crucial elements.

  • Contact information.
  • Headline – it conveys the clue of the news in a clear, concise, and intriguing manner.
  • Subheadline – additional information regarding the news. Keep it brief while offering additional information or explain why the news is newsworthy.
  • Lede – the “Five W’s” of the press release. This is the first sentence of the press release, which names your company, your news, and why it matters.
  • Body – the body of the press release. It carries all the vital information about your news.
  • Two quotes – Every press release should have two quotes from two major stakeholders. Design update? The CEO and the lead designer should comment. Partnership announcement? The CEO and the partner should insert a quote.
  • Boilerplate – a super-condensed “About Us” section of the press release.

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