Should you buy a separate mechanical keyboard?

Should you invest in a mechanical keyboard? The answer depends on a number of factors.

  • Do you write more than just an occasional email or blog post?
  • Do you write daily or, at least, most days?
  • Do you struggle with typing speed?
  • Are you prone to typos?
  • Is your inbuilt laptop keyboard uncomfortable?
  • Do you suffer from joint pain at the end of the workday?

If you ticked most of the boxes, you might consider getting a mechanical keyboard.

It’s especially handy if you struggle with wrist pain after a writing session. Even if you feel slight discomfort, it might develop into something more serious over time. So, it might be best to consider writing a mechanical keyboard before you end up in a wrist splint.

There are some clear advantages to mechanical keyboards. They register input even when you don’t press keys all the way in. They also register when you press more keys at once than an ordinary keyboard—those can read the maximum input of three keys at once. Both these features support faster and typo-free writing.

If you don’t write daily, then a mechanical keyboard might be an unnecessary expense. If you travel a lot and despise carrying lots of electronics, it might not be something for you either.

Similarly, if you’re satisfied with your inbuilt keyboard and don’t need any extra frills, good for you! There’s no reason to spend extra money on another gadget that would just gather dust on your desk.

Do you have a mechanical keyboard? Let us know what makes your writing easier!

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