How to break through to customers during the Holi-daze

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and in just a few days everyone will have a tummy full of turkey and a head full of dreams. We’ll be thinking more of time off and presents, and, between mouthfuls of cookies and stuffing, we’ll be looking for warmth and happiness vs. ROI and meetings.

It’s been a hard year. Your customers and employees don’t want to be reminded of the mundane. So why not bring the holiday spirit to them in your messaging.

Think of how your business can tie to the season. Reduce their uncertainties about the new year with good news about your industry. Ask them questions in your emails. Have they set any goals for this year, and have they achieved them? Do they have any plans for the year ahead? Tell your customers about your new projects and ask about theirs. This is the perfect time for dialogue with the most important people in your business (and, some might say, your life.)

Perhaps your product or service helps other people? How? Inspire others to do something good this year, and share their fortune with the less fortunate. Run a GoFundMe for the local food bank and ask your clients and employees to chip in. Remind your customers to buy local and to patronize hard-hit restaurants. Run a contest and give away gift certificates for the best holiday sweater that your customers send in.

Share your company’s (or even your own) plans for the season. Ask your employees for contributions. Tell people the story of happiness and warmth. People love a good holiday story. Why not ask your employees what they want under the tree and feature them in an end-of-year photo collage? Show your office pets, even if they’re goldfish or plants. Make yourself human in a time of good cheer and kindness.

A little festivity never hurt anyone and we all need it this year.

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