People love human stories. Tell them one.

What makes your business different than all your competitors’? What makes you special?

You might be tempted to simply share data, facts, and figures to draw in customers. However, paradoxically, that’s not the most effective strategy at your disposal.

It’s not facts and figures that stay in your consumers’ minds; the human brain is simply not wired that way. The brain loves stories and emotions. In fact, according to research done by Stanford University, “stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone.” People love stories.

Write a tale about your company, weave in some crucial facts and figures, and make yourself memorable. Create the image of your brand you want to be recognized by.

Was your company born in a garage? In a basement? Out of love or anger or fear? Tell that story. That early story is your DNA, your wellspring of effort. Your customers want toknow it. Share both the beautiful and the ugly. Don’t offer a perfect vision, but tell the truth. People want to know there’s more to your business than just the idea. They want to know about the blood, sweat, and tears you put into it to make it work.

Business storytelling offers you an opportunity to forge a deeper, emotional connection to your customers.
Emotions allow us to empathize and connect with each other. So the more an individual relates to your service or product, the more loyalty they’ll have to your brand.

Every business has its own story. What’s yours?  Need more help writing your story? Contact us.

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