Invent 10 New Things A Day

Out of ideas? You just haven’t looked. Look around you. What can you fix?

Author Ray Bradbury famously wrote a short story a day for decades, resulting in a library of fiction unmatched in modern Sci-Fi. As we’ve said before, the trick to success is constant repetition. But you’re not writing Sci-Fi. You’re building businesses.

So, as we said, look around you. What can you fix?

Entrepreneurs need ideas. They need to think of new things to build. So why not create a massive list of ideas by writing down ten a day?

The 10 Ideas Per Day trick is simple: in your notebook or on your phone, write down ten ideas. They can be dumb. Here are a few of ours from a few years ago:

New kind of Tupperware. Better
Coffee ph tester
Social media checkup service
Pitch coaching
Pitch creation system
Robotic snake for pipe cleaning
HTTPS as a service
Launch service for books authors
Edit service for launch rock
Private space heater

Notice something in that list? Yep: we thought of while brainstorming ten simple ides. Obviously most of your ideas will be silly, too difficult, or even unnecessary. But every once in a while you’ll get a winner.

So look around you. Look at the news. Look at your neighborhood. What can you fix? What can you build? What would you like to see? Write down ten ideas, close the app, and the next morning write down ten more. The results will astound simply because by the time you’ve explored a few months or even weeks of ideas you’ll find something worth pursuing.

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