How to write a byline article

So you, your CEO, or your client wants to make a name for themselves. That’s great. But the only way to win in the thought leadership game is through bylined articles in major publications which lead to speaking spots and further media and academic attention.

The first tool – the byline article – is usually the hardest to acquire. Here are some tips on how to write a byline.

Focus on the small fry 

As you begin the journey towards thought leadership, don’t try to attack the biggest site or news organization on the block. Focus on smaller, niche journals in your particular area of expertise and work your way up from there. Say you’re building technology for swimming pools. Pitch bylines for local pool management sites and then, when a big story breaks – a new technology or new problem – you can parlay your writing skills into an article in a major publication.

Don’t name drop 

Your byline article needs to be just that: an article. It is not an advertisement. Avoid inserting the name of your company or any links into the post. Instead, ask for a detailed bio and perhaps ask for a photograph to accompany the article. This makes you (or your client) the focus of the piece and makes it more about your expertise than your company.

Don’t write long 

Max out your piece at 500-700 words and have it professionally proofread (or even written!). Editors don’t have a lot of time to edit your pieces so the shorter and cleaner it is the better.

Follow the news 

Most sites don’t accept byline articles unless they have a news peg – namely they relate to something important happening in your industry. By creating an article that is in line with recent happenings, be they changes in technology or economics, you have a much better chance of getting your idea across.

Byline articles are a great way to make you and your clients stand out. With a little planning and a lot of writing you can turn a corporate wallflower into a business thinker.

If you need help getting started on your next bylined piece, contact us. We will be happy to help.

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