How to hire a ghostwriter

Have a story to tell but don’t have the time, or the energy, to put it on paper? Do you need someone to help you create a piece of writing to promote your business and bring in new customers? Whatever it is you need, you might be in need of a ghostwriter.

The task of finding a ghostwriter might seem daunting at first. When embarking on this journey, have three crucial things in mind.

Their past experience

Find out about their past experience in writing. Have they been published, or are they a newbie? Any ghostwriter should be able to produce some writing samples for you. If they’d worked under an NDA, perhaps they have been published elsewhere.

The scope of work

Discuss the commission beforehand. Depending on the scope of work, you’ll need people with a different experience. Writing copy for your website will require far less extensive publishing history than having someone write a fiction, or non-fiction, book.

Does your project require any research done, or have you already prepared all the necessary data? Do you need a good writer or someone with extensive knowledge on a specific subject? Keep this in mind when reviewing candidates.

Their style

Just because someone is a fantastic fiction writer does not mean they are necessarily the best fit for writing research posts or news articles. If you’re looking for someone to attract more business for you, even the best of novelists might not be able to produce a believable copy. Similarly, Similarly, an amazing journalist might not be the right person to go to when writing a long form.

A good ghostwriter should be able to mimic your voice and create a unique piece of writing for you. If you haven’t yet published anything yourself, a good ghostwriter should help you find and establish your own voice. You don’t want them to produce a piece of writing that will be vastly different from your own because it won’t be easy for you to replicate if needed.

Found someone trustworthy? Discuss a writing schedule, and you’re good to go! Need help finding one? We can help.

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