How to Write a Landing Page Copy

how to write a landing page copy

Your landing page copy is often the deciding factor whether you’ll get a new customer, so it’s important to get it right. A long-winded description of your product is a no-no; even if it’s the best on the market, it’s not going to get a lot of attention. Make sure your landing page copy is interesting, simple, and informative (here is our earlier post on how to write an interesting blog post).

Follow these five rules on how to write the best landing page copy.

Write an eye-catching headline.

That’s the first thing people see, and it should be attention-grabbing. People might not read your entire website or even your landing page, but they will read your headline. Make sure it’s smart, well-written, and stays in your head.

Keep it simple.

People don’t want to read convoluted sentences. Write in a simple, understandable manner to make sure your potential customers don’t get disinterested or even don’t understand what you’re saying. Use short sentences, easy vocab, and key phrases. Keep it interesting.

Use numbers.

Give specifics. What’s your customer conversion? Does your product offer productivity benefits? How much time can your customers save? Give numbers that show your product is worth investing in.

Use customer testimonials.

It does wonders for conversion and is an amazing tool. Let your existing customers write the copy for you. Happy customers are more likely to draw in new ones than anything else. Customer testimonials show that there are people who are happy with your product and are more than happy to recommend it to others.

Present the benefits of your product.

According to a Harvard study conducted on 1,400 B2B customers, customers are no longer interested in solution-based product presentations for one simple reason: They already know what they’re looking for. It’s much better to reach out to them by presenting the benefits your product offers than explaining exactly what you’re selling. If the potential customer found your website—they already know what you’re selling.

Do you have any questions about writing copy for your landing page, or do you want someone to take a look at your draft? Let us know and we’ll help.

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