How to Write 1,000 Words A Day. Really.

Do you want to write a book? A guest post? A white paper? Here’s how.

There are two tricks we recommend when founders and other non-regular writers are trying to tackle a big project, be it an essay, a book, or a press release. They are simple and get easier with practice, just like anything.

First, talk to yourself.

You might not be a good writer but you’re probably a good talker.
Record yourself dictating each paragraph inside each section. Talk out exactly what you want to say, warts and all. Talk for a few minutes or a few hours. Get it all out.

Then transcribe it.

The result is that you will have pages and pages of text to make up that 50,000-word book or 500 word press release without having to sit and think about whether you should use “decisive” or “determined” in the first line of your first paragraph.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of transcribing your text, you can easily “write” 1,000 words a day, no typing required. This is the hard part and more aimed at becoming a better writer. To produce a book, you need to write at least 1,000 words a day, every day, for about 60 days. This means you have to take a little time every day and record a chapter or a section of a chapter. You should also be sure that you’ve wrapped your brain around each chapter so you can stop and start at will.

Edit your draft

Once you’re done with your rough draft, you’re free to rewrite what you’ve said and edit it. The editing process, whether you do it alone or get help, is far easier than the “getting started phase.” The hardest part for any author is getting out the first draft. Once it’s on the page, you can start thinking about how best to say what you originally wanted to say.

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