How to write eye-catching summer content

write for vacation

It’s hot and sunny, and many of us are now daydreaming about sitting on a beach with a cocktail in hand, not a worry in our minds. Some lucky ones are living the dream and have already departed on their summer vacation trips. However, when the weather is hot, and everyone’s minds are turned to relaxation and work is not necessarily on their minds, how to make sure your newsletter doesn’t go unnoticed? There are different approaches to writing eye-catching summer content.

Make sure your newsletter is mobile friendly

Many people read their emails on mobile devices, and that number only grows in the summer. Make sure your newsletter is formatted in a way that’s easy to read on the go.

Give your content a summer makeover

Use bright summery colors to give off summer vibes. Use appropriate images and photos to get people’s attention.  

Try something different

Remember that summer is always a perfect time for a little experimentation. You can try out new marketing strategies and write slightly more laid-back content. Perhaps, you’ve got a perfect summer drink or dish that’s always been a hit with your friends? Have you got some interesting testimonials you’ve never shared before? Try out new things and see what works with your audience. 

Summer special offers

Let’s face it, summer is the time for sales. An eye-catching subject line like “25% Off Summer Code Inside!” or “Summer Sales!” can for sure get you some extra clicks.

Summer events

Launch special-themed newsletters for special occasions and bank holidays. There are plenty of events in summer, including Father’s Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

Still not sure how to create summer content to send out? You can always contact us. We’d love to help! 

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