How to Hire a Writer

how to hire a writer

No matter what your business does, whether big or small, you’ll always need a content creator. Finding the right writer to hire for your company might take time, but the process is worth it—a good writer will create content your customers will want to read and will bring in new business.

You might need a content creator for many things: blog posts, social media posts, organizing events and webinars, even publishing ebooks. Well-crafted text is always a pleasure to read. On the other hand, a badly written one often leaves the feeling of wasted time in a reader and wasted money in the business owner.

So, how to find a good writer?

First, consider whether you need someone full-time or just working with you on a regular basis? It’s always good to have your expectations clear from the get-go. Chances are, you don’t need someone in-house; a freelance writer will do just fine. 

A journalist or a copywriter is your best pick. A journalist will do fantastic research, do all the necessary fact-checking, create well-written content that people will enjoy. They might, however, not know the tricks behind marketing and SEO issues. Meanwhile, a copywriter is likely to know the mysteries of digital marketing through and through but may lack skills in the quality department.

However, as long as you’re willing to set your expectations clearly, a good writer is going to do their research and learn what they’re missing.

When contacting a writer, always have a simple brief: what are you trying to write? What research and information does the writer need? What quotes would you like to include?

Always ask for a portfolio, and if the writer seems promising, you can start with one article before committing to regular service to make sure it’s a good fit. 

If you’re looking for a good writer and don’t want the hassle of finding the right person for the job, contact us. Our writers would love to help you create the best content for your readers. 

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