How to Write with SEO in Mind?

Last week, we discussed why SEO is important when creating content for your website. So now, it’s time to discuss how to write with SEO, how to actually employ SEO in your writing. For those who don’t remember, search engine optimization (or SEO, for short) is a set of guidelines to optimize your content to get higher rankings in search engines’ results. It can help make your content clearer and more easily understandable, all the while bringing more traffic to your website.

So now, let’s have a look at SEO must-haves.

Write for humans

Even though you’re writing with Google algorithms in mind, remember that your actual audience is people. Don’t write a text oversaturated with keywords, and don’t write it for the AI. Sure, Google must see your post. However, it’s just as important that other people recognize your content’s value and back-link to your articles.

Find keywords

You need to research best-suited keywords for your content type. There are many SEO tools at your disposal, such as Google Keyword Planner, Yoast SEO, or Keyword Explorer. It’s best to choose longer, more complex keywords so that your content does not get lost among thousands of other similar articles. This way you will get a better rating and appear higher in Google search results.

Use keywords

Use chosen keywords, but keep in mind you’re writing for humans and not just Google algorithms. Your text needs to remain readable, and it cannot be overloaded with keywords. Use keywords three to six times in your article. Remember to put them in the title. Text oversaturated with keywords is often hard to read, and it can, in fact, be penalized by Google for it.

Create long posts

To get the most out of Google’s algorithms, you need to write long-form—at least 1,000-word articles. Write content rich in information, well-structured, and well-researched.

Keep your writing structured

Break your writing into shorter paragraphs, don’t use super run-on sentences, and remember to add headers and subheadings. It makes your text structured, clearer, and easier to navigate. Readers can scan the article for useful information. You can also employ lists, tables, and infographics for clearer writing.

Build links

Link your article to reputable sources as well as your own content. Promote your content across your social media sites and newsletters to boost visibility. If anyone back-links to your content, your writing automatically appears more reputable.

If you still need help we are happy to offer some tips on how to write with SEO in mind. Let us know.

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