The best writing tool to use?

Sorry to disappoint, but there’s no such thing. The best writing tool is the one that works best for you. That means you may have to do some searching before you find your favorite.

Everyone has different needs, but we’re here to offer you a small overview of possible choices.

Good ol’ pen and paper. I know, I know. But let’s face it: Sometimes, the simplest works best. If you’re stuck or cannot get your ideas in order, writing longhand can help you put your mind in order.

Any word processor. Many stick to Microsoft Office. It’s popular, everyone knows it, and it has lots of options. However, it’s not the only choice out there. Google Docs also deserves a mention as you can use it everywhere and on every device. It allows for multiple editors, which is important for co-authored projects.

Getting annoyed by us listing the obvious yet?

If you’re aiming for something distraction-free, then you can try OmmWriter. It adopts a minimalist approach to writing and is super simple to use.

Grammarly. It’s a life-saver. There’s nothing worse than submitting a finished project, only to realize there’s a bunch of silly, easy-to-avoid mistakes you’ve made. Grammarly checks your text for grammar and clarity. The app helps you get rid of run-on sentences, adjust your text to the correct audience, check engagement and delivery.

Several other programs are worth mentioning. Like Grammarly, Hemingway helps you get rid of super-long sentences and surplus adverbs. 750 words is an amazing application that helps you ingrain your writing into your everyday routine by prompting you to write (at least) 750 words daily. Scrivener can do wonders for longer projects. Write or Die forces you to do a very quick draft for your text by punishing you for writing too slowly.

Do you have any other unfulfilled writing needs? Let us know! And when you’re done writing and in need of an editor, send us your project. We’d love to help!

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