December 2020

Find focus in a world full of distractions

In an ideal world, you’d sit down at your desk, inspired and eager to work, in a completely distraction-free setting. You’d open your laptop, and the words would just flow Real life, however, has little to do with that perfect reality. The kids are howling. The construction site down the street is drilling (again!). Someone has been calling or messaging

Create a clickable press release and boost your media presence

Sooner or later, pretty much every business owner stands before a very crucial task: writing a press release. This short communication, approximately a page long, will determine the media coverage of your event, service, or product. A news release can make or break your brand. A well-crafted one can help promote your business and build your relationship with the press.

How to stay sane – and solvent – between Thanksgiving and New Year’s

Grab your advent calendar; the holiday season is fast approaching! As you’re sipping mulled wine, eggnog, or hot chocolate, you’re probably thinking about how to promote your business in these uncertain and distracting times. Here are a few tips for getting the word out during the holidays. Adjust your promotion to the season. Perhaps longer hours are needed to avoid