Marketers, creatives, and journalists are, in a word, hosed.

AI tools seminar

If you’ve watched the jobs market at all, you’ll have noticed that companies are laying off marketers, writers, and creatives and not hiring them back. Our own research has shown that this is 100% due to the rise of AI and the fear CEOs and hiring managers have when it comes to how deep the danger really is. In short, humans just aren’t the sure thing they once were

This should worry you.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how AI and new technologies will soon change our lives, careers, and the world. Unlike many, I’m not afraid of AI. In fact, I’ve embraced it.

I’d like to offer a three-hour class on how I use AI tools to assist me in my day-to-day writing, including how I write an entire blog using AI tools and how to embrace and extend these tools for image creation, press release writing, and even strategy planning. I’ve teamed up with veteran journalist and founder of Media Copilot, Pete Pachal, to offer this course to marketers, writers, and creatives.

If you or your team would like to participate, please fill out this questionnaire and include your email address. Pricing will be $600 per team for the three-hour session. Individual participants are also welcome. Contact us for details.

Let us know what you think and let’s figure out how to beat these nefarious AI-powered robots at their own game!

Here’s a quick outline:

I. Introduction

A. Overview of the State of the Art
B. How I use AI tools for writing

II. AI Tools for Writing

A. Grammar/Plagiarism Checkers
B. Natural Language Processing
C. Text Summarization
D. The Ethics of AI tools

III. Practical Application

A. Setting up AI tools
B. Prompt generation
C. Writing with AI tools
D. Editing with AI tools
E. Creating with AI tools

And if you need some editorial help today, email us. Our editorial team is on standby and ready to assist with your next writing project.

If you want to learn more about AI, take a look at our earlier posts, including this one about the 4 easiest ways to use AI right now.

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