Why produce content?

why produce content

Making content for yourself or your company seems like a waste of time. But there is a reason to produce public creativity, be it commentary, blog posts, or even code commits. In short, it gives you and your company a leg up in everything from negotiations, outreach, to customer interaction.

Consider this post by Simon Willison, a programmer and blogger:

The vast majority of candidates have little to no evidence of creativity in public at all. The same is true for many of the best engineers I have worked with.

As a hiring manager, this means you have to learn how to source candidates and interview effectively: you don’t want to miss out on a great engineer just because they spent all of their energy making great products for prior employers rather than blogging, speaking and coding in public.

But as a candidate, this means you can give yourself a big advantage in terms of standing out from the crowd with a relatively small amount of work.

In other words, getting your name out there, be it in the form of a blog post or simply a bit of social media commentary, can only help. Obviously spending hours on Twitter – sorry, X – isn’t useful. That said, spending a little time weekly or even daily reading the news, reposting a story or two, and generally interacting with your industry can pay dividends.

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