How to handle content management during a layoff

content during a layoff

An ill wind is blowing in the markets these days and you might be in the unenviable position of weathering a layoff. Here are some tips for maintaining content continuity when you might be losing employees in a layoff.

Prioritize content processes 

Create a spreadsheet or Airtable of all content that needs to be written, has been written, and has been edited/posted. When you have a lot of people in an organization you can get away with institutional knowledge. When you lose heads you’ll find that some of the content slips away. Make sure you know who is doing what.

Slow down 

Content is vital but in most cases, you should give yourself time to produce and edit it, especially when facing a leaner staff. Don’t speed through your proofreading and editing just because there is so much on your plate.

Focus on content that makes money 

You’re a marketer. Focus on content that makes money for you and your company. Include calls-to-action, interesting and newsworthy data, or helpful tips. Make your content useful in terms of value and service.

Build a bulwark 

Write down two content ideas a day. Keep doing this every day. By the time you’re facing a downturn, you’ll have hundreds of ideas that you can use and that you can assign to your limited crew. This ensures that you won’t be busy thinking up ideas instead of writing and editing.

Hire an outside content group 

An outside content group can take over a lot of the heavy lifting, from blog post writing to CMS management. When you have a smaller team hiring outsiders can make it bigger.

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