Know when to give up on a blog post

It may seem counter-productive. We’re always giving you tips on how to start writing and keep going. Discouraging you from writing shouldn’t be on our agenda, right?

And yet, sometimes, the best thing you can possibly do for yourself and your blog is to abandon your draft and start from scratch. Every writer does it. Quitting isn’t the worst thing in the world; every bad blog post is a lesson learned.

Here are some reasons why you might be compelled to kill your blog post.

You’re stuck. Writer’s block happens to the best of us. You might feel your writing is off and will require massive amounts of editing and rewriting. If you’re struggling with the writing project to the point of actively procrastinating, it might be a sign you should put it aside.

You’re not excited about the topic anymore. If you’re bored with your own blog post, there’s a big chance your readers will be as well. If you’ve got a more interesting project brewing, perhaps focus on that and shelf the current article.

The topic has become repetitive. Sometimes, it turns out the topic has been done to death. If you cannot put a new spin on an overdone topic, the best thing you might do is to bin it.

Someone has already written your blog post. You may find out the exact blog post you wished to write already exists. If someone has snatched your idea, it might be best to find a new fresh topic instead of writing what’s already been published by someone else.

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