February 2023

When you write, Save the Cat

The hero’s journey. It’s what every novel, short story, movie, and show is based on. Kurt Vonnegut outlined a few versions of that journey: the Cinderella story, the Man in Hole, the Boy Meets Girl. Authors use these plots to build the content you love. Most recently, however, they’ve been using something called Save the Cat. It’s a three-act structure

Why you shouldn’t depend on AI for email newsletters

We asked our ChatGPT assistant, Quickbeast, to write a newsletter with a prompt: Write a 500-word post about why you shouldn’t depend on AI for email newsletters. This is what we got: by Quickbeast Email newsletters are a great way to keep your customers informed about your business and its offerings. However, it is important to remember that relying solely

How I use GPT-3 to save five minutes or less a day

by John Biggs I create a lot of content. Way too much. I blast it out, forget about it, and then make some more. I’m used to it and I’ve been doing it for decades. Like most content slingers, I find ChatGPT to be simultaneously exciting and repellent. It’s exciting because it produces content that is eminently readable. Repellent because