April 2021

Should you buy a Freewrite?

Freewrite is a tool dedicated to writing. It’s sort of like a modern typewriter—it’s got a full-size keyboard, an E Ink Display, WiFi connection, and long-lasting battery. What’s so special about it? It’s a distraction-free tool. Although it does connect to WiFi, it does so only to back up so that you never lose your work. That way, there’s no

Read a graphic novel to become a better writer

We live in a visual culture—it’s not just films and TV shows; YouTube and TikTok, Facebook and Instagram all rely on visuals. Comics, however, are a mix of both—it’s a visual and textual medium. While the visual element is crucial to the story, comics make no sense without the text; they’re intrinsically joined together. There are a few lessons anyone

Best songs for concentration

Sometimes, there’s nothing worse than the quietude of the empty apartment when you’re stuck working remotely. What you might need to get your creative juices flowing is the right soundtrack for your work. Everyone’s heard that Mozart’s music is number one when it comes to concentration. However, if you’re tired of listening to the genius himself, some other alternatives can